Rental Packages - Stampfer Retreat Center & Camp Solomon

Whatever the group size, the Stampfer Center is the place for your next retreat. We offer several rental packages that can make your next event even more affordable. Please note, however, that our rentals are limited to not-for-profit organizations and private religious events (such as weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations).

Rental rates are based on several bits of information that you must provide:

  • Group Size.
  • Length of Stay – Most groups stay for a weekend, but our facility is open and available for rental weekdays and weekends from approximately August 20th – June 15th.
  • Number of Meals – The average number of meals on a weekend rental group is five, but you are not limited to that number.
  • Type of Meals – There are several menu options which can change prices. Some of our adult rental groups challenge our Chef to create amazing, intricate meals that certainly wouldn’t fall under the heading of “camp food.”  To find out more about the food options, click here.
  • Use of Facility – Prices change based on the facilities that are used, such as the waterfront, challenge course, and zip line.
  • Sharing – Some of our rental groups share the Stampfer Center facility with other rental groups in order to reduce costs.