Keeping Kosher at
Stampfer Retreat Center

Stampfer Retreat Center maintains a kosher kitchen, but we do not require that rental groups stay kosher. However, if you choose to, these are some key points to understand.

  • A strict separation of dairy and meat products must be maintained both in cooking and serving of meals. Foods containing milk or dairy products are not to be offered within a period of less than 3 hours following a meat meal.
  • Separate dishes for dairy and meat meals are used. Dairy and meat dishes and cutlery are not washed or stored together.
  • No actual “cooking” is permitted on Shabbat. Once Shabbat begins on Friday evening, no new cooking of foods is permitted until Shabbat ends Saturday evening. Foods may be reheated so long as they were at least half-cooked before Shabbat. However, reheating is not permitted if this act “looks like” cooking. Therefore, because heating pre-cooked frozen foods would be the way in which it would be “cooked” on any day, this is not permitted. Certain menu items are better suited to be served during Shabbat than others.
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