A Quality Stay
Starts In The Kitchen

Stampfer Retreat Center boasts a private lake, miles of hiking trails, expansive sports fields, and newly-renovated cabins.  The crown jewel of our property, however, is the Chadar Ochel- our kitchen, dining hall, and event space.

Our state-of-the-art kitchen is designed to handle a variety of dietary restrictions.  From family camps to weddings to staff meetings, we can craft a range of delicious meals suited to your needs and budget.

Stampfer Retreat Center maintains a kosher kitchen, meaning we follow Jewish dietary laws in our selection and preparation of food.  We do not require that rental groups stay kosher, but our meals will follow kashrut (the dietary laws) unless special requests are made.

We are a nut-free facility.  No outside food is permitted on the property unless prior approval is given by the Retreat Center Coordinator.

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